Who We Are

Our Purpose

Sekret Role Models (SRM) is a non-profit program for youth 8 to 12 years old. We are a small, warm family committed to empowerment through arts and crafts. We offer a new, nurturing, supportive environment for all backgrounds.​​
We are dedicated to lead young girls in a forward and positive direction.  Our purpose is to build their self-esteem, with the goal of helping them to build better relationships with others.

Our Mission

Our Role Models

We offer free Parents Day Out events to empower youth through arts and crafts.
A tween or teen girl committed to the ongoing mission of discovering, being and becoming her authentic self, mentally, physically and spiritually. She is dedicated to consistently developing and protecting her skills, knowledge, confidence and courage so that she may make informed choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect and strength. Most importantly, she recognizes that she is the author of her own path and is defined only by herself – not by the media, society or anyone else.

Our Desire

To be a life-long support system that provides networking opportunities in the real world. An organization that values philanthropy and community service. A place where young women learn to be leaders. 

A place to meet amazing friends who will always be there for you when you need them. A place to enjoy arts and crafts and other fun social events.

Interested in our program?

Email: info@sekretrolemodels.com. We'd love to get to know you and look forward to meeting with you!